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Self Portraits Round 1


Today I took on the daunting task of doing my self portrait. Sure I have taken many pictures of myself but never with the intent of it being a self portrait. Trying to embody myself in an image is hard. It’s like they say, you are your worst critic, and that couldn’t be more of the truth.

I think the hardest part of doing a self portait is wading through all the images, trying to decide on just the right picture. Either I looked too shy or too cocky, too silly or too serious, and I can’t help but find myself asking “I really don’t look like that do I?”

Yes, as a matter of fact I do. If you were to look at the 80 odd pictures that didn’t make it in this post (and knew me personally) you would probably say they were just 80 other picture of me. That there isn’t much of a difference between the images that made the cut and those that didn’t.

But in my mind there is, and that is how everyone views pictures of themselves. We are all picky of what we look like and everyone, and I mean everyone is vain to an extent. Taking my portrait has allowed me to see what the people on the other side of the camera is thinking.

I hope you enjoy these images and for those who suggested I change the image of myself on my about page (you know who you are) will be happy to know the whole reason I decided to do my self portrait in the first place was to replace that image per your request.

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  1. Dad says:

    A self portrait you like probably says more about who you think (or hope) you are than how closely it captures your image. In my experience, it’s rare to have a photo of yourself that you like and that others will think is a good image of you. We see ourselves and others in our mind and that’s what we’re looking for in photograph. I’m frequently surprised (and often dismayed) by photographs others think are a good image of me. Of the photo’s posted this is the closest to”you” when I think about you:

    Other opinions?

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