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Flip Flop Foto Site Redesign


As some of you may know, I have been fortunate to be working for a local photography studio for the past couple of months. The studio is named Flip Flop Foto and it is located in downtown Opelika. I have been doing some design work as well as been learning the world of professional photography.

Making the transition from being an agency designer, to freelance designer, to photographer has been an interesting experience. Photography has been an interest of mine for quite some time but never really thought about making it my profession until some motivation from my lady. The decision to pursue photography might well be one of the best decisions I have made in a while and I hope the journey continues to be interesting and fun.

After working for Flip Flop for a couple of months, the owner and I began talking about a much needed redesign of his website. The original site was put together by the owner a few years ago after he taught himself not only how to design a website but the Actionscript necessary to make the website function properly.

Keeping that in mind, the original site was not bad. It functioned and showed the work but did not live up to the quality of images his studio produced. The few images that were on the site were often times small and undistinguishable. The navigation was clunky and confusing which lead to clients having a hard time finding where they needed to be.

We decided that the new design needed to bring the imagery center stage and be the dominant element. In addition to improving the images, we wanted to simplify the navigation by reducing the number of clicks needed to get to the content. Oh and did I mention that he wanted it done within a week and a half so the site would be ready by Christmas. That way, all the couples that get engaged over the holidays would be viewing a site that well represented the work done by the photographers.

Overall I am happy with the outcome and I feel it well represents my new employer. The overall design is clean and simple with an easy to use and read navigation. here are a few images of the site before and after my redesign. Also go check out the site for Flip Flop Foto.










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